Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

We are getting great feedback about our new blog ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’. We are delighted to showcase the food and drink companies we work with. Next up is Melting Pot Fudge!

We love what we do at Warke’s Deli and we work very hard on our customers’ behalf – although we understand what that quote is trying to say! Simply put – when you love what you are doing it will never feel like a chore.

And that is the approach our friends at Melting Pot Fudge have brought to their brilliant business.

Belfast based Blackthorn Foods is a family run business which specialises in the manufacture of quality handmade fudge.

Sisters Cathy, Jenny and Dorothy loved making fudge throughout their childhood and in 2004 they decided to turn this passion into a business with Melting Pot Fudge.

And with years of combined experience between them making and experimenting with different flavours and ingredients the sister instinctively knew that when it comes to making great fudge – less is most definitely more.

They keep it simple right from the ingredient list through to the packaging. To do this takes great confidence and belief that the product is the very best it can be and the ingredients selected are of a high enough quality to let the product stand on its own.

But while the mantra is ‘less is more’ when it comes to ingredients and packaging the approach to production is ‘attention to detail’. Both the traditional and non dairy fudges are made in open pots and each small batch is hand beaten, giving Melting Pot fudges their uniquely smooth and creamy texture.

The sisters already have a Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Award under their belts and with Melting Pot fudges coming in 14 flavours who would bet against more awards?

At Warke’s Deli we strive to be at the top of our game on a daily basis and this is what we see in the sisters. We can feel their passion for their products and we love their less is more approach. When something is good it’s good!

We bring the same approach to the food we serve. We change our menu daily so we can take advantage of the best local ingredients and take confidence that each element of our dishes are the best they can be.

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