For the love of jam!

Next up in ‘Made In Warke’s Deli’ is a story about two very inspiring women who changed their focus for the love of jam.

When Paula Latuske and Trudy Hodkinson took time out of their careers in 2014 to raise their children there was no way these two mums were going to watch daytime TV when their girls were at primary school.

Instead the two friends planned their return to work but this time on their own terms – how many of us dream about being able to do that?

They embarked on a mission to create a brand of chutneys and chilli jams with a modern twist. The women not only combined their talents but they joined their names to create the company’s name. (HO and LA from their surnames) .

While Paula and Trudy enjoy the fun side of creating new flavours and are passionate about the work they do they wanted to build a brand that other people could relate to.

Hollahs’ ethos and strapline is:

  • ‘Preserving food – (our favourite past time is enjoying good food and fun new flavours)
  • Preserving friendships (by encouraging people to come and eat together and get out ) and
  • Preserving sanity (by getting back into the workplace on our terms).

We love the flavours of the Hollah range and we love the sense of fun the girls bring to their business. And we truly admire how they put their family first by stepping back from their careers  to look after their girls and then returned to the workplace on their own terms.

Food and family are very important to us at Warke’s Deli so we love having Trudy and Paula’s products on our shelves.

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